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Ok guys i have decided to get the Tein Super Streets and theres a place that will sell me the entire set for 950, but they said that they will only give me the "damper kit." My question is, what exactly is the damper kit, and will i be able to install JUST the damper kit and be able to drive after proper installations or will i have to purchase more parts on top of the damper kit? (the reason i am questioning this is because they are offering me the Tein Super Street Damper Kit for $949.99 usd and if i remember correctly, everywhere i've seen the Super Streets are like at least 1100 or so). In other words, is the list below everything i would need to have my suspension working and ready to drive if everything is installed correctly. Anyways, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

oh this is the list of what the kit contains

Contents of damper kit:
- Adjustable shock absorber x4, Main spring x4
- Lower spring seat x4, Seat lock x4, Thrust washer x4
- Bump rubber x4, Dust cover x4
- Hook spanner x2, Instruction manual
- Strut suspension comes with upper spring seat.

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