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problems with my battery

On my 95na, I had problems with keeping the battery charged.
I put a new battery on it, it ran down to. I check and made sure that I didnt leave any lights on, It didnt. I undid my stereo, that wasnt it either, I unpluged my alarm, and guages, that didnt solve it either. I had my alternator checked out, it was fine.
So I dont know.....As long as I drove the car every day it was fine, but If I left it for two days in didnt want to crank.

I took my battery back and they gave me a new one again. It wouldnt stay charged either.

I called Covington Pike Toyota and asked them about the problem. The service manager told me (unless he was full of bs) that I needed to mount the battery in place. Connect the positive terminal, but leave the negative off. He said to put a battery charger on the battery and let it charge for about 30minutes to an hour, and make sure that is was charging over 14volts.
He said to hook the negative up, and see if that takes care of the problem.

He told me that with some Toyotas, the alternator will only charge the battery up to what it currently ''saw voltage wise".
He said that the car had some type of memory. He said that if the battery when first put on only had 10volts, then the alternator "thinks" that is the maximum charge the battery will hold. He said that if you charge it to 14.2volts or in that neighborhood, then the alternator will do the same.

Either he was full of bs or I got a good battery this time, because she doesnt run down anymore.

Try that and see if it helps
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