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Hey guys,

This has been the case for a couple days now. My dash lights do not light up (speedo, tach, all the A/C controls). However, my defi gauges light up when I turn my headlights on, and work with the dimmer switch. My taillights and brake lights are fine, headlights are fine, and dome light is fine. But my speedo cluster, a/c controls, and the odoemeter and various other dashlights do not light up at night.

Has anyone had this problem and knows how to fix it, or where to at least begin to look? I don't know where to start!!

Also, I have an oil leak coming from the upper oil pan where it meets that pulley (not sure which one it is). I can't exactly tell where it's coming from but it is dripping from the front most part of the upper oil pan. Do I have to take the oil pan out to fix this? How do I take that pulley out to closer observe where the leak is exactly coming from??

All help is GREATLY appreciated.

-Mark :)
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