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I think the death whine sounds a little bit like a flute. Started on me today after a hard highway pull. It's not as loud as the one at, but definitely there.

I'm not sure when I can get an aftermarket tubo installed. If I take it easy and don't drive it too hard, think I can get a few thousand more miles out of it? Anybody driven a Supra for thousands of miles AFTER hearing the death whine?

I have ETTC on my car. Am I correct in thinking I should drive in parallel mode full time now?

For those who are curious, I have been BPU for 23,000 miles, I have 77,000 miles on my car, I always use Sunoco 94 octane, and I keep the manual boost controller at about 1.3 bar. I'm also good at changing the oil (Mobil 1), have new spark plugs, and did all the 60,000 mile maint. I've done autocross and a driver ed event but never been to the drag strip. I drive the car fast and do a lot of highway pulls. I thought I was pretty good at letting the turbos cool.

Funny thing is I'm not all that depressed....I have an excuse to go single now. :bigthumb:
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