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Hey everyone so it was time for me to upgrade injectors because I'm going to a larger turbo. Did some shopping around didn't really want to pay $1400 for a set of injector dynamics then my buddy that works at a shop mention he's used DeatschWerks quite a bit. They didn't have them listed but if you call they can get you the correct injectors. The 2jzge and 7mgte injectors are interchangeable for the most part besides shimming the rail up and down depending on the specific injector being used. So even if they aren't listed you can get them for either.

On to the install....

Here's what comes in the box. Luckily I already had some precision 750's which use the same clips so didn't need the adapters.

Before the install



Injector lubricated and insulators installed. They didn't come with the upper insulator. I removed that from my old injectors. It was the one on the base and worked great. The problem with installing them how they came the fuel rail wasn't putting any pressure down on the injector. This can lead to boost pressure pushing the injector up cause a boost leak and other problems. My precisions didn't need this done but it's a simple fix.


These are the shims I used to space the fuel rail up. You could use some washers from ace too.


I like to set them all in the manifold, then put the rail on, then shims, and bolts.



Then finally you have to bypass the injector resistor. Simply cut the wires and splice them all together.


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