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definitively THEE best time w/ your Supra MKIII

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I was reminiscing 'bout when i was in Laramie, Wy. 2002, sometime between Nov. and Dec. My friend and i left his apt. at 2 AM, after we got off school. Both our MKiii's had a light haze of powder on them. His had coolant all over his driver and passanger side floors from his heater core, hahah, anyways. We started to hit every nieghborhood a few times, covering the entire town. Lasted 3 hours.
The ground had that snowless slickness, Like being on ice, with a 1" of powder undisturbed. Perfect to sling all over the parked cars, and leave tire tracks that defiled the limits of oversteer, Dual supras in unisone coming down the street, looking out my passanger side window to see which direction im headed. It ended when we both ended up facing the corners of the curbs within 5 minutes...But most definitly THEE best time ive had in my supra. 2nd story entails mountian 2 lane roads at the most insaine 120mph of my life. And i still didnt keep up w/ theguywiththesupra on the straights. But thats for another time. List your story!! I know all you supra owners be doing some insaine @#^ in your Supras.
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i drove 135mph in a straight line on no name tires that were out of round because my car had been sitting for months. :eek:

yeah, its a weak story! :p
The best time I have in my supra is when get the hook up in it. What's better than my supra and my girl at the same time. Nothings better, that's what.
Albuquerque, NM to Flagstaff, AZ in under three hours. That was fun.
1. smoking a aston martin db7 vantage (still stock turbo, etc search for thread...)

2. getting airborne will running brockway mtn. in the UP....
1. when it was stock...

2. sr. ball w/ my then girlfriend

3. going out w/ my now girl friends
mine all involve girls :D

driving related has to be either my top speed run vs modded corvette c5, 66-6700rpm in fifth on 17s hitting rev limit started from an 80 kph roll had him by about half a car at the end...

Also snow drifting... i love it, nothing like going 40 but completely sideways... the facial expressions on peoples faces are priceless...
Los Angeles to San francisco in 3hrs 15 minutes on only one full tank of gas after sitting in an LA traffic for 1 hour.....that was in my 1988 N/A supra five speed........that is why my current Supra is my third one.
My best times:
- Driving it :)
- Cruising with BAS
- When it went down
- When It will run again
now now should know by now doing things with your girl in the supra is bad! the supra will get jealous and things will start breaking! plus come on think of the seats! :D

id have to say my best moment is gonna be in about two weeks when i have finished my complete rebuild of the damn thing ......again......and this time i know all is being done right lol......even though last time it was also but thats another thread lol
going 70 down a gravel road wondering "where the fuck is the main road we came from?" only to go over a hill and have it be BLAAM right there. It was a T intersection so I hit the brakes and turned the car sideways. I slide what felt like foever until we hit the asphalt, my car stopped dead center in the right lane. I laughed, looked up, seen a huge ass truck was hauling ass right behind me, so I floored it, laughed, looked back, seen I smoked the truck, laughed,laughed, laughed, cried, laughed, laughed....laughed
Idealsupra don't hate, apprecitate. Don't worry, when i'm done the supra gets its good 1 on 1 time with me. It's all good.
Probably the best time(s) were when people, especially older, would comment on how nice mine looked, and also reminisce about how they remembered the mkiii back in the day.
Also when I was going 125mph on the highway(with top off), not knowing it, and when realizing it felt awesome because the car was stable as hell.
And coming someday, when it's complete and running again. You'll all know when that day comes because there will be a huge ass thread with tons of pics. :D
the day the supra was lowered ontop my driveway from a tow-truck. Beat-up, bruised and tired, but shes home.....shes home.
hitting 160 before having to left off for an off-ramp. I was going to go for 170+ tonight, but that damn heater hose decided to let go before I could make it out to the road I had picked out

Edit: Having the guy behind you say afterwards "did you know you shoot fireballs when you let off the gas!?"
ma71supraturbo said:
hitting 160 before having to left off for an off-ramp. I was going to go for 170+ tonight, but that damn heater hose decided to let go before I could make it out to the road I had picked out
dam the mkiii's can go that fast? :scratch: what kind of rearend are you using?
NegativeGeForce said:
dam the mkiii's can go that fast? :scratch: what kind of rearend are you using?
stock 87 rear end. Automatic. Theoretically capable of just over 176mph.
I'd say one of the best times happened a few hours ago earlier tonight, coming back from the Mindless Self Indulgence concert in D.C. I stopped to ask directions at a BP gas, and this old black guy, comes running over, and he's like "Man, that's a 90! That top the whole thing comes off an everything, I bet it hauls ass. That's a mother fuckin Toyota Supra. Supra, that's a car! You wanna sell that? OHHHH, I really really want one." He gave me perfect directions, and we were on our way, I felt ecstatic, everyone else was kinda like, 'that's kinda cool i guess'. I thought it was fucking awesome.
getting harrassed by the kid at the YMCA as to why i dont sell my car to him. he offered me 5 grand for my 87, but i couldnt do it, to much blood, sweet and tears in that thing..

and also practicing drifts and ending up pulling a 180 and facing in the opposite direction of the street. then i feel like an ass.
Mine was when it snowed in England an I did 360's all over the parking lot at work... lol...
Another was taking that baby up to 150mph and feeling the rush, and watching all the other cars move out of my way...
Another was trying to push it to the max on how fast I could go around an off ramp bend... Think I made it to 80mph... lol...
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