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Have an OBDI Supra with a HKS FCON piggyback. Last few weeks have been getting the engine check light randomly come on @ which point the car just goes goes to crap, stutters, no power & stalls...dead, the moment the MIL disappears all is good, until a few seconds later MIL back on and goes to crap again.

Anyway my workshop determined that it was water from A/C on the ecu & FCON.....worked fine for a day, then again same issue on the Highway, seems to occur ever second drive, and this time their is definately no water issue on the components.

Basically I wanted to reset the ecu & check the diagnostic codes myself...however they told me this was a useless exercise due to the FCON.....that I would have to pull the FCON out first, then reset ecu & check diagnostic codes......?

Anyone have any ideas on this, kinda getting jack of getting stranded all the time.!!!:(
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