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We share our experiences here daily. We find a mix of triumphs & failures, good mods & bad mods, good ideas & bad ones, guys who know their shi+, & those that don't, et al. We try to strike a balance of accepting the negative, while fully appreciating the positive; while for some of us, it's all good...or all bad.

Now that we've established perspective, here's some MkIII dark side [DS], light side [LS] for you.

DS: blowing a $4091 engine w/~35K miles on it to an AFPR
LS: only paid $1749 to fix it, then made over 360 reliable rwhp

DS: losing to a mustang with skinnies on the desolate frwy north of Carlsbad when I had bad knock sensors- that biatch owned me, him & his buddy laugh
LS: beating a modded purple/yellow anniv C5 on the empty 210-605N split no less than 5 times by many car lengths each time- the guy flipped me off, poor biatch, yet my face hurt from the grin

DS: having 2 clutches installed wrong by two different mechanics
LS: I do mine own now & they work, LOL

DS: losing the clutch on 25psi TO-4E & watching a Viper disappear at Vegas '02
LS: Dominic got the video of me crawling down the track to an ~18sec ET @ ~80mph, then posted it to the Internet

DS: having a flywheel left loose by the mechanic break 4 of 6 bolts 318 miles from home on the way to Vegas '00
LS: listening to the tow truck driver's sexual exploits for 318 miles, all the way home

DS: a stock MkIII that had cooling sys issues from day one
LS: a Koyo JZA-70 alum rad that solved what all brand new OEM parts couldn't

DS: an HK$ TO-4E installed in Aug, that began smoking bad in Dec
LS: an ITS TO-4E waiting for me to install the EMS/injectors

DS: failing smog on Mon
LS: passing smog on Wed; & my smog guy asking me about mods for his brand new STI, LOL

I could go on, but I'll stop now. These are just the ramblings of an old man.

Take care.
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