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I went up to torque freaks to establish a baseline for the car with current mods. Here's what I got:

Year, Make, Model:1988 Toyota Supra
Gear:I think they were 4th gear pulls.
Transmission:5 Speed
All mods: Cone Filter, Boost @ 10psi, defcon hardpipes, HKS Downpipe (2.5-3"), 3" catback, Flowmaster 40 series.

Peak TQ & HP: Out of the three runs, the top of each was 236RWHP and 265RWTQ. The runs themselves were as follows:
228.38RWHP, 265.53RWTQ
234.12RWHP, 255.89RWTQ
236.52RWHP, 256.86RWTQ
For an average output of: 233RWHP and 259RWTQ

This was a dynojet 248X in-ground Dynamometer located at Torque Freaks in Portland, OR.

Run 1
Run 2
Run 3

The car was running PIG F'ING RICH, as shown on the A/F graph. It only goes down to 10.0:1 and I had it pegged down almost the entire time. I suspect there's a great deal of power to be unlocked with an AFC or E-Manage and some tuning.

All in all, I sort of surprised myself but not a whole lot :D I was expecting about 220RWHP and it was pretty close.

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Immediate plans are to fix the transmission that hates going into gears.

Near future plan is DDP and E-Manage.

Further future is 550's, Lex AFM, and a 57 trim upgrade.

Somewhere in there is cosmetics, since my interior's trashed, the paint's peeling, and I want 89+ wing and tails.

I suppose I should mention that this engine has approximately 3000 miles since I rebuilt it, and it looks like it's doing well.

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the hp numbers arent too far from what id expect but the torque id expect a lot closer to 300rw. most of the torque is down low and wont be as affected by a/f as the hp will (on the stock ct).
i also noticed the smoothing was at 5, id bet youd have higher peak numbers if you changed the smoothing.

overall any dyno i dont find new problems or any new ones created i count as a successful dyno :)

get some fuel trim mods and get it tuned, lots of power still untapped there.


that HKS DP is killing you.

i dynoed with basically the same mods, but at 7.5psi, and with a BIC non-ddp dp, and i made 245rwhp and 251rwtq.

with a stock cat also

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and why the HELL would you run a flowmaster? they SUCK!

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no his a/f is killing him, on one graph as soon boost hits the a/f goes off the charts and dosnt come back. a/f in the 9's thats wayyyyyyyyyy to rich. i bet you go thru gas like crazy when boostin

p.s. get rid of the cat!

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Had Horsepower Freaks been open on Saturday I would have dropped some cash on a testpipe and possibly an SAFC on the spot.

I also belive the HKS DP and A/F Ratio are killing the power. The HKS came with the car, and I guess the A/F did too. :D

Granted, it put down more power than I expected, but apparently less than I should have expected.

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great numbers for so little mods man!

I seem to think my set up shoudl run around 230whp and around 280ish tq.....

tuning your a/f shouls show a good 10-20hp gain in a usual sense....of what i have seen and heard ( for a stock turbo set up).

good luck in the future man! The numbers only go up from here;)


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those are decent number, posibly on the low side of "Typical"

the AFR curves are very typical of the conservative toyota tuning. you could pull out about 12% fuel to get that aroudn 12:1

decent numbers for the mods. get rid of the elbow and a different DP, and a little more boost, youll be knocking on 300rwhp
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