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Tit looks like a model...
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1987mk3supraaa said:
sawed it in 2

I does kind of look like a model car. The tail lights dont look real. I dont know for sure though.

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fake...look at the exaust, the rims, and the front mount are tooled up. not sure bout the rest of the car but looks fake too.. model has been said but not sure could be areal car just photoshopped

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Some of you are simply idiots. *cough*MKIIINA*cough* The kit is a real kit and I did quite a bit of research into it, in fact you can get if from, and appearantly

So, for the main kit, looks like Bozz Speed is asking for ~$3050, then US ship cost.

For the full main kit, I can get this to the US for about $2499, then extra ship cost to you from California. Fog lights $475 more. Leadtime is TBD.
In fact... I got an email back from about prices:
Here are the prices for God Father body kit for Supra #70
Front Bumper 39,000yen (Currently $327.979 USD)
Side Skirts 39,000yen (Currently $327.979 USD)
Rear Bumper 39,000yen (Currently $327.979 USD)
Door panels 42,000yen (Currently $353.208 USD)
Fender kit 28,000yen (Currently $235.472 USD)
Rear Wing 29,000yen (Currently $243.881 USD)

Set or These 6 parts. 198,000yen (Currently $1,665.12 USD)
Fog lamp kit (not included in the kit) 40,000yen (Currently $336.388 USD)
Domestic shipping cost in Japan 6,000yen (if you order them all) (Currently $50.4583 USD)
Shipping cost from Japan to New Mexico 80,000-150,000yen (according to the sizeand number of the carton.) (Currently $672.777 USD --> $1,261.45 USD)
Handling charge in Japan 10,000yen. (Currently $84.0972 USD)
The shipping cost in the United States is not included. Please let me know which part you order, or if you order whole kit. Then, I can estimate the size of the cartons, and then more details inshipping cost.
Bozz Speed
Thoughts: Wow, that's a decent priced good lookin' kit... it's the shipping to the states that'd be a killer.

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that car would look good with Bomex rear bumper/skirts and Bomex whale tail spoiler.

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hehhe...great looks kinda good except the back bumper, which is WAY to plain, but thats just me (soon to be getting do-luck T2 nose)
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