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Difference in Injectors

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To all the Injector guru's. What is the difference between HIGH impedence and LOW impedence injectors??
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High impedance injectors are saturated. Low impedance are "peak and hold" and require a resistor to prevent damage to the ecu.
alright thanks man. but what do you mean by it is saturated? and peak and hold. if you wouldnt mind could you go into a deeper detail of those.??
Google is your friend:

"High impedance injectors usually range from 12-16 ohms. Low impedance injectors usually range from 2-4 ohms. High impedance injectors use a saturated switch-type driver. They open a little slower and the current stays more constant once the coil is saturated. Low impedance injector drivers (peak and hold) allow more current to flow to open the injector faster, and ramp it down to hold it open. "
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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