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differences between N/A and TT

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Besides for the turbo components and exhaust, what are the differences between the TT and N/A? I don't want to have to put a lot of money into the suspension to get it up to TT quality. Also, I'm looking to get either an RX7, 300zx tt or supra. Does anybody have any good/bad comments from experience to aid in my decision? I know how common it is for the Wankel to crap out in the RX.
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Component are about the same with the TT and NA the NA has a lesser fuel system and no internal lubrication on the block and the suspension, brakes, wheels are smaller/not as good as the TTs are. However i dont believe there is too much of a difference. The RX7s are VERY awesome handling cars they are like lil go karts they turn corners like no tomorrow but like you may already know the reliability isnt there. and the 300ZX TT is a good car too BUT the fuel system isnt as good as the Supra TT. So if you want a Big single and running 500 RWHP then the Supras STOCK fuel system can handle that where as the 300ZX would have to be upgraded.
The 300zx also has troubles hooking up off the line because of the anti-squat geometry in the rear. The engine bay is also really tight which makes mods/repairs a serious pain.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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