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I again ....

I drive a European Supra, build in 1992
And our Supra having analogous climate control

See picture (it's an old picture of my interior):

Now I have read that US and canadian supras have A/c climate control with display.

In ebay I can see two different models:

according to the description the A/C is for 87-88er supras

and this climate control is for 89-92 Supras:

Does pre 89 have other units than 89+ models?
Are there still other differences?

Next Question:
I want to build in a climate control with display in my 92 Supra.
But with Celsius scale units (Usually Canadian models)
What parts do I need?
- canadian climate controll unit, 89+ model
- dash wiring harness, the connector with a few inch wire
- ??

Does anybody has a wireing diagramm for the canadian climate controll 89+?

I hardwired a Super Monitor in my MKIII. Hardwireing is no problem.
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im pretty sure the connectors are the same, i remember seeing a jza70 non digital control like yours in a local car. I have a pretty mint 87 style one that reads in celcius if you want it let me know.


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the north american climate controls are interchangeable, the only difference being the '89+'s foot + defrost option (which doesn't work on the <'88s).

the wiring is NOT the same as the analog climate controls, you'll have to get rather creative and source wiring diagrams for all. the CAN CC should be identical to the US version, the diagrams are on

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The wiring is the same for Canadian and US models, there are 3 climate controllers, 86-87, 88, and 89-92. The 88 just had slightly darker buttons.

Canadian models are in celcius, US ones in fahrenheit.

You're going to need to do some wiring to do it up, good luck and check the link drjonez provided. If you click the "back" button, you can then check out the North American TEWD book for 89 models.
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