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Different Inter cooler pipes

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Hello again I got an issue. I’m piping up the intercooler hoses but the hose won’t fit the turbo and IC pipe because of its shape, but I have another intercooler part that looks different but has the same mounting point. Can anyone tell me why? The top one is the one that was on the car and the bottom one is the one I have lying around.
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Fritz 2003 is correct. Early years have a more S shape but both are the same over all length and are interchangeable. The later cars have the straighter pipe. Some years ago the S shaped rubber hose on my '87 became gummy and began splitting where it connected to the turbo. What I did was to flip the hose and use Permatex Ultra Black silicone to seal it to the aluminum bottom portion. That gave me a much better condition top of the hose to connect to the turbo again. A while later I obtained the straighter pipe with a like new hose and put it on my car. It must be a design improvement.

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All true above and I'll chime in and say that majority if not all the cheap ebay intercooler pipes are designed for 89+ generation.
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