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Differential problems?

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Wheel bearing problems?

Well there is a weird noise coming from my car. It is coming from the back of the car and i can only hear it in 1st or 2nd gear. It sounds like a squeek and scrape mixed. It makes the sound and when the tires rotate again it makes it agian. I was thinking brakes but there brand new. I had bad wheel hop on a launch but it was like 2 days ago and it just now started. Thanks
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What does wheel bearings sound like when their going out?
different sounds... first sounds likes a flat tire then can change to a metal to metal scraping sound and often works its way to a "granny in a rocking chair" creaking when it's about to go. While driving at a very slow speed that makes the sound most audible, slowly apply the e-brake and see if the sound goes away. May be the e-brake assembly sticking.

If that is not it, then jack up one rear wheel (check each side seperately), grab the tire on the top and bottom, and try to pull the top and bottom towards you, one at a time. If you feel ANY play, then it is likely the wheel bearing. You can try tightening it, but by that time it's typically too late.

If both wheels are perfectly tight with no play at all, check the fluid level on your rear diff.
Alright i jacked the car up last night and the back passenger wheel does move around when i pull on it. So how hard is it to change these? Should i change both sides or just the one thats messed up? Toyota said they were $75 is this the right part? Thanks
Actually it is not an easy task. I would not tackle is yourself. Here is a link to instructions from

I say just change that one. Each side costs about $200 in parts so I'd do one at a time. At the least you'll need a new bearing, and inner/outer seals. I would get a hub also, as you will likely need it.

Find a good garage or a friend that works on cars to do it. Make sure they will have access to a press or a machine shop as you'll need someone to press out the old bearing and press in the new one.
PS: How bad is the play? You should probably consider parking the car until you get the bearing replaced. It's okay to drive it over to the garage to get fixed, but for your own safety keep it slow. If the damage is bad the wheel could literally come off the car. Unlikely but you really don't want to take the chance.
before you do anything like change wheel bearing try tighting up your center bolt. to do this take your wheel off it's the big bolt that hold the rotor in now try to tight that bolt up sometime this bolt come loose if you drive your car hard.
Tightening the bolt is a temporary solution but it is not a safe one. His wheel is loose because his hub/bearings are worn, not because the bolt is loose. Tighten it in the short term but DO NOT play around with your car until you get it fixed, regardless of what you do with the bolt. Be safe, be smart.
Alright since all this im kinda scared to drive it down to the shop. It is a far drive so what is the worst that could happen by driving on it? Can i damage anything else?
You will be fine, Just take it easy driving down to the shop.
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