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digital dash-KPH to MPH?

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Hi,After several days surfin the net i can not find a answer!! I have a 87 3lt turbo auto,the digital display reads in KPH,i need to change it to MPH,I found instructions of how to do this to the later digital display,I.E. Cut track 40 and connect to track 41,Is there any one out there that has the info?? Thanks in advance,Steve
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Hi Steve..

Not sure if i know you or not from the UK forums (i take it youre in the UK, and if you are how did you get hold of an 87 turbo? :D )

Anyway, i presume its a jap import 3.0turbo.

The dash can be complicated, but i think with a 3.0 there shouldnt be too much problem . I did the same recently with a 2.5 digidash, but that needs a reprogrammed converter as the scaling is different.

PM me or pop over the the UK mkiiisupra forum and ask me there..

By the way, if you know how to change the legend from 'kmh' to mph' by cutting the track then id be interested to know.. we didnt have time to discover that after we spent all day doing the conversion.

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