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do u guys have a hard time reading the oil dipstick on your cars?? its hard for me to check the oil level because its so hard to see what level is at. anyone come up with an idea so its easier to read?
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Use a file saw transfer high low markes to back of dip stick makes easy to read

Or get a early 7m stick with wire top these are wider and easer to read

drill small holes so that oil fills them in... I forgot the scientific term for it...

But, I wanted to try it, but ended up just roughing up the end so it's read able.

Ha, i have a one of the earlier dipsticks, and thats hard to read! i can't imagine one thats harder to read!
Why not just change the oil so your looking through clean oil? It's hard to look through dirty oil.
i would think it would be easier to see black oil than clear oil.....

i have no problems reading my oil level..... and mine is the 1 with the wire middle area and a lil stick at the end to view the oil level.....

mine too...

but before the end was black and the oil was so clean I couldn't see it...

after I got the black off, I could actually see the oil.(nice honey brown) mmmmmmm honey.
I have an aftermarket works great
Use steel wool or sand paper to sand it. That's what I use and it looks like a brand new one. Never had any problem reading it since. Able to read new oils just like MK3Brent said. ( HONEY )
I drilled some small holes in various points in the range. When the oil is new, it is difficult to read
I don't find the stock one in my 88 extremely hard to read, I can usually make it out pretty easily.
Hey Lamer, what kind of dipstick did you put on your car? I was considering that as an option, since my engine is out right now. If nothing works, I'll just drill holes like everyone has mentioned, I'm sure that'll work fine, but I'm still curious about aftermarket options...
the problem is i can't read the new oil in the 89 turbo. when the oil is new i can't read. the area where its LOW to HIGH is such a dark area i can't make out where the oil level is. i'm scared i might be burning oil because i don't want to be throwing a rod because i was running on low oil. well i'll guess i'll try sanding the that part down and make it smooth. there would be no problems with sanding it down ??? if there is anyone let me know. and btw we are suppose to check oil level when engine is cold or warm? i've heard differnt opinions and sometimes when i check the oil i take the stick out and read it and theres oil, but when i put it back in again and pull back out theres nothing..? thanks
When I bought my 89T, it had 10 quarts of oil in it, because the lady who had it couldn't read the dipstick. The one in the NA is sooo much easier to read, but it can't snake around the turbo :(
a trick I used back in my MK3 days:

I'd pull the dipstick out, and if it was still too clean to read, or I wanted a confirmation of the oil level, I would do the following. Take a paper towel and align it with the dipstick. Apply horizontal pressure onto the paper towel until the dipstick leaves an impression into the paper. From there I would compare the heighth of the dipstick to the oil mark on the paper. The oil will expand slightly, but it gives you a rough estimate of how much oil you have down there. Hope that helps.

are we suppose to check the oil wen cold??
like i said before if pull the dipstick out and put back in and pull it out again theres no oil...should i run the car and warm it up?
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