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Direct port nitrous with own fuel cell

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This question is for a friend of mine.

He has a turbo car and is adding a direct port nitrous kit. We have seen a few cars that use a fuel cell full of race gas as the fuel source for the nitrous kit. Actually someone on the net has a viper with this but we couldnt contact him.

Do any of you have this kind of setup? Have the fuel solenoid plumbed to a fuel cell instead of the OEM tank.

I guess you would need a fuel cell, adj. regulator, fuel pump (what size and pressure for the nitrous fuel solenoid?) all the fittings of course and maybe a gauge to check your levels. You could set it to arm with the entire nitrous system. I think it would be good for "emergencies" when you need a little extra kick and the race gas would provide more insurance against a popped motor.

Any ideas?
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Mr. Tom Welch of has this fuel cell setup.
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