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Diy wide band 02 sensor

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I received 3 PCB boards, 2 parts kits, 2 Displays from tech edge this past Friday. So far I've built and tested one wideband controller and Jaycar display. The second controller is 98% complete and took about 2 hours to assemble. With the proper tools it is very straightforward work.
I have mixed feelings as far as recommending the kit. If you do not have the patience for basic electronic assembly and the tools to debug your work...then I would put a serious value to your time.

Added stuff:

*You can set up the display to output in Lambda/ A/F ratio.
(I've set mine up for lambda but will be wiring a switch for both)

*I am researching into an Atmel Atiny15L PIC programmer. The added functionality of the Atiny15L will be offered later through Techedge.

*I will be referencing the output of a calibrated $1500 Horiba sensor to the output of my $175 kit (including Honda NGK sensor) If my units need calibrating, it is very easy to do.

Now hopefully will get some feed back on the AEM ECU so I can purchase one and start tuning.

Merry Christmas Supraforums members!

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Hrm, I think I'm on a list with you ;)

Why would yo ube hesitant exactly about recommendin ghte kit? Anyone who orders it should be well versed in electronics assembly - they're pretty clear up front about that. Other than needing those skills were there any real issues? I won't have a Horiba to calibrate mine against but I'm fairly confident in the design as it's been public and reviewed by many. Were you able to find a plug for the O2 someplace? If so I'd be interested in hearing where as I don't fancy pulling the OEM O2 plug apart and having to solder in the calibration resistor someplace - ick!

PLEASE keep us posted on this - I'm BIGTIME interested in the results. My 4 PCBs, 4 parts kits, and 2 display setups haven't shown up yet :( I figure I've got another week or two to wait on this at least...
Hey BLKMGK! Ya that is me on the list! I will need to boot my laptop up and see if there are any new messages.

Anyways, I would recommend this kit to anyone who is a diy'er.

I am just a freak and it took me a long time to get everything put together and packaged to my liking.

I'll let you know later about the Connector issues.

I've just ordered a kit on the 24th so I doubt I'll get it anytime soon.
Can the unit be modified to run a 60mm guage, say the GReddy A/F unit? I read the write up on it before I purchased it and the electronics portion of the project is no problem for me, but it would be nice to have a guage in the pillar along with the others.
I Think anything is possiable. You could probably package the display, so that it was 60mm round and 2" deep. That's alot of work!
If you dowload the hex file you will see what was programmed on the PIC16F84 Chip. It is for the WB controller and modified for the Jaycar/Silicon Chip A/F Display. It is needed for the 1.400V -> 3.100V output from the wideband controller.

Maybe. The A/F gauges produced by Autometer and the like are sensitive from 0-1V. The WB unit's were building go 1-5v I thought. In any case it's a different voltage range and wouldn't be much help without recalibration. As it happens there's a company out there that can do this :D Gauge recalibration These folks modify Autometer gauges etc. to make them more sensitive in the usable ranges for performance use - I see no reason why they couldn't do the same for a different range that you specified.

An alternative is to simply package the display kit so that it fits where you want it. This is probably the path I'll take. I'll cross this bridge when I get there - need to build this puppy first!
WooHoo! Just got back from the mailbox - my kits are here! I don't see instructions for building it and expect I'll see those on the WEB but the parts are HERE now. Nicely done PCBs BTW. :D
Anyone got their kit installed?? I am waiting for results!

I would just go ahead and buy a pre-assembled kit. I would like to know how it compares to the Horiba sensor - honestly, if it needs occasional re-calibration, it is pretty useless, and a waste of $330 + $120 o2 sensor.

I mean, how many of us have a Horiba just laying around to compare it to??

I just want a sensor, who has one in stock????

Need as much info about this as possible. Being in a family of electrical engineers makes the DIY kit perfect. Just need to know how accurate it is, and what it takes to calibrate?

Just found out a link:

My friend is going to make one and do one for me aswell. What about the calibration, does it need to be done and how to do it?

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