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Just a quick question...

has anyone ever encountered a company called netami? their products seem nice... but a little low priced. ive been given both extremes about this company (one place telling me they are absolute crap and another telling me they are good quality and bang for the buck)

i really like their stationary racing seats for only $600 with a carbon fibre shell, but like i said earlier thats alot cheaper than other companies

give me your input on this company and whether or not to buy their product

thank you

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The look like replicas of the dad seats, what you have to look at, is that alot of these companies will buy unbranded product overseas, and label them as thiers and sell it as thier own. Just by going thru a quick overview of thier website... it looks like another no name company too me... ricers riding around with underbody kits and crap.
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