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I want to keep the stock head unit if possible, but I thought there might be a chance that I may not be able to hook up a high power amp and sub with the stock head unit. Any knowledgable car sterio folks out there who can answer this and then some other q's as well???

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Yes, it is possible to add an amplifier to the stock Supra setup. You will need a line level convertor and about the best place to receive this signal would be the factory subwoofer. Simply disconnect the wires that go to the factory sub and wire those wires into a line convertor. From the line convertor you will then run RCA to the amp. Run your power wire into the inside of the car via the yellow airbag grommet on the left hand side of the car. (It is up high and to the left of the dead pedal) Everything else is fairly explanitory and should you have more questions, post again..

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Oh yea, make sure you get a line convertor that has an attenuation on it. PAC's SNI-35 is a good choice.
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