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Wondering because I bought a used one off of someone and the place that was going to install it said it is missing the mounting brackets and the guy who sold it to me said there is no mounting brackets!!

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My GReddy 4-row came w/out brackets. It aligns perfectly with already existing holes in the front of the car, and only comes with 3-4 bolts, bouple of locking and regular washers. Sometimes you need to slightly bend some of the A/C tubes, and/or remove the cover(s) underneath the hood anchor points.

I got mine used too, and it came w/out PS fluid cooler, but I made my own out of existingstock PS cooler tubing.

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There are a couple brackets for:

1. Power steering relocation . a small bracket that mounts behind drivers turn signal duct.
2. AC sight window in front of radiator...just moves up a couple inches.
3. Coolant reservoir bracket - not really needed. Base mounts under battery tray and coolant tank attached to the side of it between battery & wwiper fluid tank.

I think that's it.

You did get the install sheets, right?

You will also need to cut two tabs off so that the coupler/pipes that attach to the end tanks don't hit ... you'll see.

You also need some hardware to mount the FMIC..three bolts.

Hope this helps.
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