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Does this wheel look right?

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I'm looking at buying this wheel and it's been a while since I've seen the back of my steering wheel- does this look right?
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no, it doesn't. is that even a toyota wheel?
it's a trd wheel that doesn't list as being compatible with a supra but it does say it will work on a 99-2002 celica / mr2. Oh yeah it's also listed as a j-spec wheel- don't know if that makes a difference
Thats a TRD wheel alright, and it should bolt up. What is incompatible is the connections to the airbag and or horn connections.

Side note: I put a TRD wheel on my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. Bolted up just fine, connected the horn just fine, just couldn't hook up the airbag. Also you lose cruise control options, there is however a write up on how to convert that, I just never did. Search and I think it is there?

I think all Toyota steering wheels have same bolt connection abilities (granted certain years and up), just not airbag connections (and that can be made to work too if you really wanted to).
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bitchin! Thanks man

-new proud owner of a trd wheel!
^^^ what he said. if it fits those other cars it should have the correct hub, but you may need an adapter for the airbag harness.
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