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Hi people,

Was wondering if anone would be able to help me my door central locking problem....:)

One day, my central locking stopped working properly on the drivers side, but it would work at times when I slammed my driver door turning the key.

After checking the motors, I found that the passenger side and the boot locks were working okay, and so disconnected the driver motor.

One day, I returned to my car to find that the doors etc were unlocked and that the locks were stuck on the "unlock mode". When I had left the car locked, I returned to find that it had unlocked itself, though because I had disconnected the driver motor, the drivers ide wasnolonger unlocked.

After removing the dorr panels again, and checking the passenger motor, I fund that it was quite hot. I left it off for a while and then put it back on thinking taht is was okay, but they would work for a while and go back off and stay in "unlock" mode again.

I had to disconnect those motors as well,as if I left them n they would justget hot and they would obviously overheat and kill the battery.

Any ideas as t what this problem may be? Could it be the unit that is faulty? I d be grateful if anyone could help me with regards to this, Thanks
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