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I'm slowly getting back to BPU, so yesterday I received my Downpipe. Thought it would be easy since i already swapped off my old DP and put the cats on to pass emissions.
#1 bolt...came off
#2 bolt AND stud came out
#3 bolt AND half a stud, Damn stud Twisted right off!

Being on the East Coast am i supposed to you Antiseize on the bolts when i put them back on?

How do i go about drilling out the stud? Its the stud closest to the drivers side (luckily)? Should i screw the old stud that came out back in? Do i just get another stock stud, or when i drill it out will i need a larger one PLEASE ANYONE!

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I assume you mean the "nut" came off (not the bolt) on #1. First use an E-10 female torx socket to remove the #1 stud. Then spray the broken #3 stud with PB Blaster (it's like liquid wrench but better).

Then see if you can get a pair of vice grips on the nub of the #3 stud - if you can't, you will have to try to get it out with an ez-out. First, get the largest drill bit that will let you drill through the center of the stud and leave a thin shell of the bolt (in addition to the threads) after you drill the stud all the way through. Be sure to drill through the center of the bolt dead straight, so that you don't ruin the threads on the back half of the flange. Then find the right size of non-spiral (looks like a small, pointed, 4-sided shaft) ez-out. Pound in the ez-out and unscrew the shell of the stud. If the extraction was successful and the threads were not damaged, just install a new stud from Toyota, and you're back in action.

If the ez-out doesn't work and the threads get boogered up, you'll have to find the next size larger stud, and then find a tap and drill for that size of stud. Drill the old stud out (this drill should be big enough to completely drill out the old stud), then tap new threads and install the new stud. You may have to drill out the bolthole in the downpipe flange larger to fit this bigger stud.

Reinstall the other two stock-sized studs (use the old ones or brand-new ones - your choice - I'd recommend new ones), and then put the downpipe on (preferrably with brand-new nuts).

Anti-sieze will help a bit on the reinstallation of new studs..
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