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I know the installation of this has been described over and over again.. but Im thinking I rather pay a shop to do this.. save myself the headache... anyways...

Does anyone know a quality shop in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles...

Any help would be greatly appricated!

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"Have you had experience with the MPH Unlimited place.. and if so.. what did you have done?"

I only visited their place a couple of times and interviewed the owners/partners and the mechanics to get a feel for their competency. You can go there and be your own judge.

Also, when I bought my 94TT recently, they test drove it for me.
I trust them.

It's your call.

Jay :)

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Thanks for the info.. ya.. I talked with them and they seem to have done it before.. thats what I trust... Im sure I will stop by before I do it...
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