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In next 1.5 months, I plan on taking my car to the strip to see what it will lay down. I am aware that running bias plys with street radials up front is completely unsafe due to the characteristics of each of these types of tires.

This leads to one question, how safe is it to run 17" drag radials out back with 19" front wheels? I know I am going to have more rotating mass due to the large front wheels, but this is not what concerns me. My concern is with the handling of the car at speeds in excess 110mph. I have ran before with 18's up front and 17's DR's out back and didn't have any issues during those runs. These prior situations were on BPU+++, not a 74GTS which is going on the car now.

I would like to buy a set of CCW's or have a custom set of Forgeline Drag wheels made, but its currently not in the budget till late fall/winter.

By chance does anyone in the Dayton,Cincy, Indy or KY area have some for me to borrow/rent them?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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