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hey guys, i have decided that my car will probably never hook on the street tire which are 345-35-18's. on a 18X13 wheel. I have started to look into other options for the track.

1) have my stock wheels made wider. But this would require a stud change and look like crap when my volks are on.

2) Have a set of wheels made. This brings up my next question how wide should you go with a wheel to mount slicks on. I mean if my 18X13's dont hit on stock tire does that mean i should order a 17X13 or smaller?

3) Is there any proven facts that a 16" rear wheel works that much better than a 17" rear wheel. Assuming tires size factor is worked out correctley, same tire, same track same prep. Reason for this is im not sure i want to swap out rear brakes to 16's...

So any thoughts you might have on this would be helpful.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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