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Dramatic engine cleaning results! Pics too (MKIV)

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First off, a little background. I just bought the car from my dad, who's had it since 95. He's not the enthusiast type, so he's never abused it, never modified it, never looked under the hood. Always dealer serviced.

Anyway, I get it two months ago, and the engine is filthy. I'm usually not one to care how nice the engine looks -- but this thing is nasty to the point where it's not even fun to work on the engine. So after looking at all the methods of cleaning on the net, it's time to go at it.

Stock engine, before any cleaning: Cleaning/


1. Cover all openings. I did the air cleaner, turbo scoop thingy, spark plug cover vents, alternator, and battery terminals.

2. Tried Gunk Citrus Brite Engine Cleaner. NOT RECOMMENDED! Got rid of some of the caked-on dirt, but not even close to clean. The downside was it made the engine smell like a burned-down orange orchard! Every time I got out of the car I could smell it. Nasty stuff. Drove with that for a couple weeks.

2. Got a can of Gunk Foamy Engine Brite. Now this is the good stuff. Emptied the whole can on the engine, foaming up and coating everything I could get. Make sure to wipe the front fenders, wiper arms, headlights, and bumper with a wet paper towel, to get off any of the degreaser overspray.

3. Wait about 10-15 minutes, then hose the engine off with a garden hose and/or sprayer attachment. No pressure washing!

4. Broke out a spray bottle of Simple Green degreaser/cleaner and a toothbrush. Poured some into a cup, and diluted 1:1 with water. Then went to town for 2 hours, scrubbing each component, hose, and section of the engine bay, as far as the toothbrush would reach. Prepare for back pain. Spray off each section as you go, so the Simple Green doesn't dry on it. Some people have problems with aluminum being etched by it. No problems here with the diluted mix.

5. Hose everything off, remove the covers, and drive it around to dry all the components.

6. Armor-All Tire Foam. I put maybe 1/3 of the can on the engine. It coats it pretty quickly and shines like a mofo. After spraying it on, rub all the hoses and plastic pieces to evenly coat them. I waited overnight before driving, but I'd say you could hit the road immediately.

That's it! And the results are: Cleaning/

Hopefully this will be inspiration to put the time and elbow grease into cleaning the engine bay. It's worth it in the end :)

- Brad
94 Supra TT
01 Viper ACR
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the before picture was really bad. :lol:
That had to be the FILTHIEST mkiv engine bay
i have ever seen! Looked like someone poured
a few bags of dust in there. Nice job on cleaning it.
Thats the way we like our engine bays :D .
The gunk/Armor-all combo has worked for many others
too. Its a good cleaning method :bigthumb:

wow that must have been the dirtiest engine i've ever, but the after is sweet, very nice, excellent job:)

i can see ur going to take good care of it, post some more pics of ur cars....
thanks for the awesome tip..

Ps- how long did it take to clean the engine?
Great stuff! I used the Gunk Foamy Engine Brite on my engine and it made a world of difference. Afterwards, I sprayed some Turtle Wax tire foam on the engine to lock in the shine:) Worked really well.
Great job cleaning, looks soo much better now. You break fulid looks as dirty as the engine bay did, you should take care of that.
Nice job you did. Did you dad live in the middle of the desert or what:D I live in New Mexico and it's never been that dirty.

Now I feel like cleaning my engine bay, i've been neglecting to do that.
Before pics: :barf: :barf: :barf: :barf:

Worst under hood pics, ever!

After pics: :bigthumb: :hail: :smoker: :eek:

Good Job! :bigthumb:
you left a spot
very very nice clean up!!!
Wow did your dad take it off-roadin pretty often or what? j/k, looks good now.
wow, very nice! What did your dad think about it? :p
dam that engine was filthy great clean ay
Hehehee, thanks for the replies. I knew y'all would shit a brick over the 'before' pics. Yes, I think it's the dirtiest sports car engine I've ever seen. My guess is the hood has been opened 15 times in the last 8 years. Now it's been opened about 75 times in the past 2 months ;) I don't blame my dad -- he's just not a car guy. He liked the way the Supra looked, and got a great deal on it back in 95.

x X Cloud X x, it took probably 4 hours total to clean the engine. 2 hours was with the Simple Green and the toothbrush, scrubbing everything I could reach. The other 2 hours were using the foamy engine brite, covering and uncovering the sensitive areas, and drying/wiping some of the hoses.

Josh, the brake fluid is next on the list, full flush and bleed with ATE Super Blue racing fluid.

mkivsoopra, he was really impressed. He's glad I'm keeping the car in the family, and restoring it to its former glory. I'm sure he'll be pissed when I go single and spank the Viper ;)

More pics coming in the next few weeks. Just did the clay bar treatment to the paint.....WOW!

- Brad
94 Supra TT
01 Viper ACR
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Well first off, realy nice cleaning job! and second, good choice on the ATE super blue. that stuff is great! what some people do, is whenever they change thier brake fluid, they switch between ate normal, and ate super blue. this way you can tell when the new fluid is coming out. just a little tip i picked up along the way..;)
Very nice job. :) When I got mine from TX it was the same, I to did the washing simple green method. :) works really well.
very nice..i can't see owning a car and not looking under the hood at least once a week :)
photos dont work...
i wonder why
its not a 4 year old thread or anything like that.
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