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If money was not a problem, list your dream setup! from headunit to whatever you can think of

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Here is my realistic dream setup:
Alpine or Eclipse Head Unit
Focal Utopia Highs/Mids powered by Xtant amps
JL W7 subs powered by a couple of Soundstream Tarantulas

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hmm for me

Alpine in dash LCD
Alpine DVD playa
Alpine speakers all the way around
Alpine V-Series 4 channel amp.
Alpine Center channel and amp
Alpine 5.1DTS processor
Two Alpine D-Series Digital amps @ 500 watts RMS
--Two 15" Type-R DVCs
Two Alpine D-Series Digital Amps @ 300 watts RMS
--Two 10" Type-R DVCs
4 Lightning Audio 1F Caps
140 Amp racing alt.

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Psykosis said:

:stupid: except for the sub choice (Xtant, IDMax, or maybe W7)
Thats possible those subs run what 300+ a piece the w7 is a lil more. But possible I have those xtants :D .

But I'm still in the process of getting a supra :rolleyes:

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