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Well for those who don't know about the rally here is a little backround.

“Drew’s Run” is a short Rally dedicated to a friend and fellow car enthusiast who died this past year at the age of 24. Drew had a long hard fight with cancer and managed to pull through, but as soon as things starting getting better he found himself in the hospital again. This time he was facing one of the most dangerous procedures in the medical field, a bone marrow transplant. He underwent intense radiation and chemotherapy and was putting up an amazing fight. However the infection was proven to be too strong and on August 9th 2007 Drew found peace, he would have been 25 August 12th. One of the things Drew wanted to do before he passed was to take some good friends and have a small Rally/Cruise. However the drive never happened and as we have Drew in our thoughts and his family in our prayers we do this drive for them. More info on Drew can be found here

This years Rally will be From June 18th -22nd We will be starting in Philadelphia, PA and ending in Miami, FL stopping in TN along the way and in SC on the way back.

Watch High Quality Video:

Watch Low Quality Video:

Song - 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill

Length 1:47mins

Thanks Everyone

Steve N
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