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Went to the track first time this year and they are asking if my car has a "drive line loop" cracking down this year he says, but anyways, does the MKiV have this as OEM? I guess what he was saying is that newer cars have something built in where you pass without this loop. I couldnt answer the question, but he let me go anyways. Im going agian so I might as well be "informed" lol!

My assumption is its Ok cause we have a 2 piece DL?

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My local track gave me crap about this as well.

At first I told them it had one stock ( the little metal shield or whatever it is under the car that is under the driveshaft. They let me pass.

Later on when I had my half shaft loops built I just had a driveshaft loop built so I would have no questions asked.

As im sure you know they arent to bad to make or install ( driveshaft loops that is) But I would first try and point out that you do have something under the car that acts as a catching device if your driveshaft was to snap.

Hopefully that helps.

Have a good one Stu.

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