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Driving in "MANU"

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Is there any disadvantages of driving in MANU mode on automatics all the time? Because I like to drive in MANU everytime I drive my car, it is just a lot more fun. However can this hurt your tranny at all, with all the downshifting and all?
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I think it puts additional stress on the tranny... but not enough to kill it really fast or anything... pulling the TRAC fuse is what damages the Auto tranny more than anything... You can go from perfectly fine to slipping like hell in 6 months... although some people have pulled the trac fuse permanently and never had a problem with the tranny... Upgraded trannys shouldnt have an issue at all....

I think it should be fine... I dunno might wear out a little sooner, or start slipping sooner... but I dont think it will be that much harder on it... Toyota did put it on the car... so it cant be that bad :)
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