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drove my first single at a Solo 2

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Well I got the bug today. I was working registration at the SCCA "test and tune" Solo 2 event in Birmingham when an an entry form was put in front of me which had a Supra as the entry. When I saw the name and that the car was running ESP (actually he should have been SM) I recognized the driver (Brian Moran). I knew his car was a single. Well it was Brian's first Solo 2. I just asked him if after the event he would take me out so I could experience the feel of single. Brian being the good guy instead (and he has never met me before) offered to let me driver his single supra in the after event "fun runs". You don't have to ask me twice. Well at least he saw me drive my ttsupra first in the event first.
Damn that single is fun. He has a "mild" single Garrett 60mm w/VPC. I don't know maybe 500hp. Was running 18lbs. boost which is probably too much for a Solo 2 but hey I wanted to feel what it was like to handle a single on the limit in a turn. It was a blast and not unmanageable. Boost does build pretty quick at one point but it is predictable. Needless to say I had the rear end a little loose. At one point towards the end of the run you drive into a "boxed" turn with a cone pivot around the outside. The nice thing was coming out of there was one easy cone and a throw away cone coming to the finish. I downshifted into first into the box and booted it coming out. Going through the timing lights at full boil at about 15 degree angle tail out was too much fun. You know I just hoped to ride in a Single. I never thought a somebody would just say "here drive my car", twice! Damn. Thanks, Brian.
Barry H.
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