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I have a 55gal drum of Q16 with about 30+ gals left i want to sell the drum as im going to VP import now with the new setup.

$375.00 thats as cheap as you will find anywere. delray beach area

I wont sell indiviual gals i want to seel the remainder of the drum.


VP Racing’s Q16 is a new and popular leaded, oxygenated racing fuel that carries several advantages over the standard C16 formula. With its’ highly oxygenated content, Q16 works well in any drag racing application, including naturally aspirated, forced induction, and with or without nitrous. The oxygen content will require a 4-6% increase in fuel flow, which in turn will make more power.

The range of air/fuel ratio acceptability is also expanded, allowing for more consistent and reliable performance in various altitude and density environments. Q16 is yellow in color and carries a motor octane level of 116. These five gallon pails are convenient to carry and transport, but are available for local pick up only. Please contact us to check current inventory.


* (Typical Values) Specific Gravity: .716 @ 60°F

* Lead: Yes

* Oxygenated: Yes

* Color: Yellow

* Motor Octane: 116

* Research Octane: 120+

* Reid Vapor Pressure: 6.76

* Oxidation Stability (min.) 1440+

* Distillation:

* 10% evap @ 141.0°F

* 50% evap @ 174.0°F

* 90% evap @ 214.5°F

* E.P. @ 260.2°F
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