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Where: Mukilteo Beach
When: Sunday, August 2nd
What: A BBQ and hangout
What Time: 10 am - Whenever
Why: Because I am hungry and it summer

So Sak and myself are thinking about having a summer meet up here.

I was thinking maybe the Lynnwood park off 196th (now changed, see above) because it so big and open, we could bring a few BBQ'rs, maybe a football, frisbee, whatever, I think there is even a basketball hoop, and make a day of it.

They got a kid park deal as well so for all of the older DSM'ers with kids....ahem, we can bring the family, it will be a big DSM "family reunion".

But either way, I was thinking sometime in July or August that way we are sure to get at least one solid day of sun. I am guessing a Sunday would work best for everyone I know myself and Zak included, are usually working throughout the week and Saturday.
So pipe in and throw out some date suggestions when we get it narrowed down to a few we can start a poll.

If you have ever seen that park I would like to get enough cars to fill that parking lot..
I will get there early and block the parking lot off until we get enough cars so we should get there moderately early, so we can set up and have everything BBQ'd by lunch time.

Also this will double as a housewarming party for Zak and myself, so I know he "owed" certain people a keg for a previous meet, if we can get enough people to dominate that parking lot we can cruise over to our house and resume festivitys there....and also need enough cars to line our street...

1. DSM_Zak
2. Sam91gst
3. blackhawk2k7
4. Theo90TSIAWD
5. sillyme
6. chmpgn_tsi

1. mooserage
2. DSMcolt969

1. fuzzydoodle
2. engineerthis87
3. SlashGSX
4. Colt90tsi
5. cerberus95tsi
6. Jason97GS-T
7. layzie12g
8. MrChallenger360
9. ampm27
10. maverick 990
11. MXboost
12. jt_gsx
13. skeeter4200
14. davidmoise18

1. Sassaphrass
2. AznEvoIX
3. importjake00
4. keithano
5. Fast_Freddie
7. neonhorse
8. AznEvoIX
9. Narmy77215
10. fcapistran
11. 03Evo8DTC
12. JDMevil8
13. momo_evo8
14. BrettMR
15. Craig_King
16. Mr.Wicked
17. gannieevo9
18. miss_vtec

1. DrMike
2. David_Savidia
3. SMP142

The Maybe's
1. Rockbmx1 (2G)
2. DSMvroom (2G)
3. 2GA_AWD (2G)
4. whe3ls (1G)
5. fedj18 (1G)
6. Reptile (2G)
7. lccynmbr13 (2G)
8. benr33tz
9. 1gDSMike (1G?)
10. 90_gsx_E (2g)
11. Frew (2g)
12. saechao04 (2g)
13. CPBandman (2g)
14. TSi_with_psi (1g)
15. MY1GDSM (1g)
16. Chris91dsmtalon (2010 Camaro)
17. RaptorReed (GVR4)
18. Trevnasty (1g)

This was a copy and paste from The DSM/Evo board, my buddy had the idea, so credit to him, we both like Supras and thought to invite you guys along. No "my car is better than yours" meet, just good old fashioned fun and food, its a BBQ! Should make for a good time with a good group of cars and fun!

View original thread here or here

Hope to see you guys make it out!

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Umm, what the hell is this?
Why is it on a SUPRA fourm?
Since when are Galant vr4's and Evo's DSM's?
Hey didn't you forget the 3000 gt and the Stealth ain't they "DSM'S " too?

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Wow, way to be very arrogant on a friendly BBQ invite.

Noone said it was STRICTLY DSMs.

As a matter of fact, no Evos are not DSMs, but they once were and still carry the 4g63 in the engine bay. Frankly I don't care if it's a DSM or not, as long as its a respectable car and everyone there is respectable, anyone is welcome. People are bringing their families and kids, I'm sure there will be poeple there that can care less about the whole reason the group is getting together.

Secondly, yes, the GVR4 IS a DSM, if you have ever even looked into the engine bay of one, they have the "DSM" sticker in numerous spots. So before you open and run your mouth, get your facts straight. Thank You.

This meet is on here because, I'm a fan of the Supra community, and I actually met a couple driving by a Supra meet once and the crowd seemed to be a reasonably respectable crowd. You are starting to change my mind.

All this is, is a very big BBQ Event that the DSM/Evo community is hosting, and inviting the Supra community. What ever happened to just plain ol' we all have the same passion. Simply: Cars, turning the wrench, modifying, going faster, etc. Now days it just seems as people run their mouth if they don't drive a car they think is nice, or worth taking pride and joy in. To each their own, and noone is better than anyone, we all have the same passion, love, blood, sweat and tears for our cars.

If you would like to come please let me know so I have a head count and know how many mouths to feed, families and kids are more than welcome, my 2 year old nephew will be there. Food, vollyball, summer heat, and great looking cars.

Thanks to anyone else who sees passed the "why the hell is this on here" and "Evos, and GVR4's aren't DSMs, but Stealths and 3KGTs are"

:end rant:

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its alright kid... most of us don't own supras on here anyhow. Or they are broke down. Or just too broke.


Thanks for the invite. Don't base one post on a forum to speak for all owners. Thanks.

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My girlfriend bwaaahahahaha


Maybe some other ones?
Random beach girls there just to see all the commotion.

They'll flock to all the nice cars, we all know this, then all we have to do is reel em' in. Its like fishing, just all about finding the right bait hahaha. Damn females.

No no, I'm not letting one person speak for all. That guy can just sit at home by himself while we all enjoy the sun and a delicious BBQ. Maybe the occasional boob or two here and there ya never know :shrug:

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Actually I will be in Miami Beach so yeah... you go ahead and enjoy the pasty overweight women you might see. . I wont be.
+1 on the NW women. And the hot ones fuck for money.

Hot women down there ...shit....dime a dozen. Visit South beach for me :)

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Def sexier woman in hotter climates. No arguments there. What ever happened to a good time? Shit a group of us meet up weekly, and went down to mukilteo beach monday night, suprisingly a few hotties, no joke.

Pic as requested: HAHAHA oh man, I'm SO dead.

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:) thank you. A+ will visit thread again.

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I know you Supra guys like to have a good time, so don't be so shy!
Bring the family, friends and whoever!

Volleyball tournament anyone?
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