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In for teh nudez.
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Is there a good program out there that is good for creating DVDs from internet .avi/divx downloads?

I hate using Windows DVD maker, it takes like 4 hours to burn a DVD movie.

Time for change
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Are there any good programs out there that will allow me to enter in parameters and it will auto star-in, direct, and edit a movie?


Genre: Comedy
Level of perfection 1-10: 8 (Very funny)
Cast: 12
Budget: High

Press OK to continue making very expensive and profitable movie.


Title: Nard Leecher High School
Income generated form movie production: 43.576 Million USD.
Countries in: 6
Soundtrack produced? No
Memorable lines now showing up in SupraForums Off Topic: Yes?
- Epic: No
1 - 9 of 9 Posts