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Hi Everyone. I am in the market for a GPS/DVD head unit. Dose anyone have recommendations. I know that some have gyros in them to give better time and dystance estmates.m DVD is not as inportant to me. Just something that will work well in the MKIV dash. Those guys that have flip outs radios do you like them or do they get in the way???? Thanks
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have a fflip out clarion, yeah, when flipped up it blocks off the controls to the aircon - but I have mine mounted in the top DIN slot, it wouldn't if it were in the bottom (don't think so anyway), you can still reach the aircon power/temp knobs, and the off button isn't obscured at all. DOes this matter? not really, its climate control, set the comfy temp and then I leave it, and the screen has a dip function so it'll drop down for a few seconds and then go back up.
positioning is a cunt with dvd's etc and all those tv's, gps make sure that wen u do get it has reliable info becoz i know of 2 stories where the gps had been dodgy wen u buy it u can ask to look at it by hooking it up to a power supply through car our they should have their lil tools
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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