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dying the door panels

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okay so ive changed 99% of my interior to black, but im having a problem dying a few pieces. The latch to open the door, and the bucket that surrounds it, will not hold any dye/paint. I even tried that krylon fusion plastic paint, and then i even tried lightly sanding the pieces and then paint. nothing works. so what am i doing wrong?
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Its non-porus so it wont hold any paint/dye. Get a better color on a partout is the most I can say.
I concur. Youll probably just have to find some black ones.
look the best color your going to find is blue there is no black ones. second i did the same thing. kragen sells some good interior paint so get it and this is what you do.

first soft sand it with high grit paper then clean it with alcohol

second get a dark primer but dont coat it just get a little on there to help the other interior paint stick.

third use the interior paint i mentioned its in a black can with green lettering. but only use the flat black gloss has extra chem. in it so it doesnt stick well and there you go
ahh thanks, finally someone who is helpful. i was using gloss black so thats why it probably wasnt holding up good. ill try the flat black tomorrow. i have the whole interior done except the drivers door panel because its cracked, so ill pick one up from the junkyard this week.
i uhh, used engine paint...:wtf:

on the dash, it turned out pretty good.
first i used interior primer, then engine paint over it. after a few times going over with armor all, it got a nice look to it.
alrite i finally finished the whole interior, it came out amazing. I put my new recaro seats in, along with the new black carpet and it looks like a brand new car. if you wanna see pics check out my cardomain site thanks for all the help, JP.
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