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I want to install dynamat on my doors but I am unsure about how. There is a plastic sheet that covers most of the door, it seals the window and prevents water from entering the car. Where am I to install the dynamat? I know that under the speaker bracket one can apply the dynamat, but can it be applied to the rest of the door where that plastic sheet is lying?? If it is possible how do I do it? Also which would be better, the Dynamat XTreme door kit or the Dynamat Spray? Anyone have pictures??

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I dynamated the insides of my door. I used the spray and didnt do the entire inside, just the areas I could reach easily. As for the white plastic, I removed that cause I installed 6.5" speakers in the door and there wasnt enough room for that plastic.
I dont think the dynamat made all the much of a difference. I still have some and think I am just gonna keep it and use it on places that rattle when the volume is up. I think if you really wanted to improve the stereo sound in your car, you should remove your seats and carpet and dynamat your floor. The majority of the noise that affects my stereo comes from the road while driving. That would be a major pain though. I would be curious to find out how it worked.

Anyhow, here are pic I took or the inside of my door after dynamatting it.

And he are a couple threads that talks about dynamatting doors.
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