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Dynaudio 16cm midbass in doors?

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Does anyone have these speakers (from the System 240) fitted to the stock door location? If so, do you use the stock enclosure and modify this or just get rid of the stock enclosure and use the whole door cavity as the speaker enclosure. In the latter case did you fix the speaker to the door itself or to the removable door panel?
If someone has pics of how they are fitted to the inside (could be of other 16cm installs as well) I would greatly appreciate it.

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The easiest way to get the Dynaudio mid in the door is to build a new panel/ring for the speaker to mount to.

The ideal way to do this is first remove the factory grill. That thing is seriously worthless!

Build a panel that mounts to each of the 3 mounting screws. You will have to "trim" a bit of the metal at the top part of where the speaker will rest. Not that hard to do, its just a little bit of metal.

Sound dampen the entire door. Especially all around the panel you will build to hold the mid. The panel you build will not have to cover the entire enclosure cavity the way the stock housing did. Just build it so that a ring for the Dynaudio will be suspended in the right location. The sound dampening material is what you use to seal off the new speaker panel you just built.

DO NOT remove the stock speaker enclosure and mount the speaker to the inside door panel without a mounting panel behind it! The door panel is very thin and you will damage your door with a couple of closures of the door. Resist the urge to do this. It may seem like the easiest way but trust me! Not only is it incrediblly cheesy, your $700 speakers won't sound as good as they could.

After the door is dampened, you then put the door panel back on and pre-drill the holes for the mid in the new inner mounting ring you have constructed.

Screw the mid to the speaker ring which is inside the door and place the grill on last.

You may have to play with the position of the speaker to most closely resemble the look and position of the stock grill but it is pretty easy from that point.

Good luck and hope you get it.

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
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