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Dyno Day at Blacktrax 9-16

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Posting this up for a friend but I will be there too. You can contact me on here or him with the info below.

Where: black traxx milpitas
When: sunday sept 16th
time: 9am start, until the last car finishes

Min: 6cars!!! 3confirmed so far, call/email/txt me if you can go AND WILL NOT FLAKE.

Alright! I've talked to Jei over at black traxx and he said that we need a minimum of 6 cars 10 car would be pref. max and they can tune:

Power FC *MAYBE*
( YOU MUST HAVE DATA LOG IT W/ ur laptop or whatever)

Darius and I FOR SURE will be getting our cars tuned so we figured that since there's more of you guys out there that might need it we could get a better price by making it a group dyno day!.

We can grill it up or whatever even while we're out there! let me know if this is an option u want to pursue.

3 baseline runs for $50.00
Dyno tuning for $100.00 for one of those types of engine management/piggybacks.

Jei tunes more for reliability than for max power, so if you're looking for high HP numbers this might not be for you. If you want a reliable and stability then this is probably a route you'd take.

Give me a ring(probably better to text me so 's not to disturb me in class or at work) or shoot me an email:

[email protected]
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lolz i stupidly put 8-16. this is 9-16 -_- maybe a mod can fix that.
If I don't work that day, I should dyno my new car!
4 for sure now. At least 2 more needed
Boris, I want to get my car tuned, can I just pay you on the day, since I am in Chico now.
yeah you can pay day of. But you need to be 100% sure you are going.
Still some more spots.
Everyone that planned to come is still coming right?
Anyone else want to dyno? there are still plenty of spots.
damn...i want to go, but my car isn't ready ... and dynoing the daily beater for kicks will have to wait for another day heh

do you know if there will be other dyno days coming up sometime?
Not sure.. But I will post if my friend sets another one up.
So umm where were the Supra's.. I got pooned by a civic
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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