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It was another disappointment again today. My car got weaker since the last time I dynoed. My base dyno was 398, before it was 410. After tuning the afc a little, I got 411 which is what I had a few weeks ago which sucks. The only good thing is that I dynoed 464 with nos this time (NOS Dyno), also on that run the clutch slipped at like 6k rpm for what it seemed to be for 2 seconds, no exaggerations. That problem will be fixed soon as I am going to get a clutch from warren in about 2 or 3 weeks.

Another thing, I need help on tuning my afc because the guy over there didn't really help me much. I have my dyno sheets so you guys can help me out. Dyno 1 is my first dyno with all the settings set to 0%. Dyno 2 is with 5,6,and 7k rpms set to -2%. Dyno 3 is with 5,6,and 7k rpm set to -4% with all the others set at 0%. Can some of you guys suggest what I should change or anything to help gain a little more hp? I would like to keep it at around 12.5. Thanks in advance.

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Weather my freind, weather. Could be the difference in HP. Be glad you found 13hp from your baseline on that day and time.

Don't be to disappointed!
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