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I'm trying to see what ppl got out of their stock twins, stock fuel injectors on stock boost with any other mod.

Most ppl would agree that my car pulls VERY hard on 10psi (faster then other 1JZ's running 1 bar). I thought about bringing it to get dyno'd to see what its acually doing.

The last time i dyno'd with a leaking BOV and slipping tranny it was 270whp with no mods except retarded ex cam on the automatic tranny. This go around i got everything under the sun done to the car for power, except stock turbos, boost, and fuel injectors and all the problems fixed.

Anyone willing to take a guess what it will do?
Sard reflashed ECU
2JZGTE cams
3in DP and exhaust
Intake, Ele fan
etc etc.
Stock boost.

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stock twin, stock boost, stock fuel (but leaned out), 2j cams, intake, 3' dp & exhaust I dynoed 318rwhp and I think 289rwtq

With only an intake and stock dp I dynoed 280rwhp I forget the tq.

I guess every car is different.

Jihad Killer
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Me 290whp 27? TQ

10psi Stock Twins
HK$ Intake
3" DP and Exhaust
Blitz Access ECU
1PC Alum. Driveshaft
Stock N/A 7M fuel pump

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