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Alright i plan to dyno my car in the next coming weeks,im trying to get a baseline where i might be at when i go my setup is as followed:

arp head studs
oem HG
turbonetics t76 dbb
4in downpipe
5in exhaust
hks 280 cams
bc valvesprings, retainers
custom tubular ex. mani
custom intake mani
1000cc precison injectors
dual walbro pumps
custom top feed rail
-8 fuel lines
aeromotive afpr
5 speed r154 tranny(mk3 turbo)

plan to run c16 on high boost around 28psi give or take
low boost 14-16psi on 93 octane

any thoughts on power level and torque (looking for 800whp +)

also anything im missing to make 800+whp (ignition stuff like that, throw them out there)

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