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dyno results

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N/A dyno results post here...thanks
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95 5spd N/A BPU
199rwhp and 200 torque :p :rolleyes:
With Mods = HKS Supr Dragger Cat back, Apexi S-AFC and K&N Air filter.

I also have the Jacobs Ignition System that I installed after the Dyno. After I put in the Ignition System I inmediately felt more torque and better acceleration. :D
Don't know exactly how much HP it added

Soon N/A-T with the help of the the N/A-T GOD Dave :D :D :D
You Da Man Dave :D

172ft/lbs torque

Bone stock :D and with power robbing auto tranny :rolleyes:

i need to go redyno my car, ive done an intake and catback exhaust . Judging from my 1/4 times im expecting ~185rwhp
Hey, damn good! This was what I was looking for with my "n/a's represent yourself" thread. How are your slip times? Kills? How about your noise level? Is this the N/A kit sold by suprastore? Using cam gears, ultralight pulley? Does your state test emissions yearly? I'm in Md., just outside of D.C.:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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