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I have the following Modz on a '97 6sp TT Supra

- Greddy SP Exhaust
- RMM Down Pipe
- Blitz SUS Air Intake
- Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
- Greddy BCC
- Blitz Dual SBC (max 18.5 psi)

Should I Expect More From These Modz?

Yes. I don't think you held 18.5 psi to redline. You probably just peaked it and it fell off to 15 or 16. It would have been more.

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I'm guessing that your ECU was pulling out timing. Was that dyno done on pump gas? Your lines become quite jagged on the top end. Try again with some good 100 octane and make sure that there is as much cold air blowing on your intercooler as possible. :)

With your mods and boost, assuming everything is healthy with your car, you should be over 400/400.

Steve T.
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