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Today, there was a NorCal Supra dyno day at Mustang Ranch in Santa Clara, CA. I along with about 10 other Supras dynoed my car.

This is the first time I dynoed the car since I bought it about two months ago. My mods are:

RMM Downpipe
Greddy PE exhaust
Greddy BCC
Greddy Type-S BOV
Greddy Profec B - 1.2-1.3kg/cm2
HKS hardpipe kit

I ran 100 octane with a pulled TRAC fuse and reset ECU. I installed brand new NGK 3330's right before putting my car on the rollers, but forgot to get ice for the I/C.

The results were 398.7 rwhp and 378.9 rwtq. I peaked at 1.2kg/cm2 (~17 psi) on all of my runs. I really should have turned up the boost especially since I had race gas in it, oh well. I had never dynoed a car before and was only concentrating on engaging first, which was weird at first, and making sure to lift at 7k. :)

It's not the highest BPU #'s, but I am actually really happy with them. :)

The highest pull of the day was ~435rwhp made by a Silver BPU+ car.

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ya.......435 hp 429 trq corrected...
450 hp 442 trq uncorrected......
i was happy.....

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