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E-Manage Harness's

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I bought a few additional harnesses with my e-manage... injector, and ignition.

the injector harness has 6 wires for injectors 1-6 to tap into the ECU.

the ecu, from what i saw on the TSRM has 3 pins for the injectors, having two injectors per pin. do i simply tie two of the wires together coming off the emanage and splice into the ECU?

for example, if the ecu is.. Pin 1: 1&2 Pin 2: 3&4 Pin 3: 5&6

would I tie the wires out of the emanage for injectors 1 and 2 together and solder them into pin 1 of the ECU?

if that doesn't make sence, i'll try and revise


Question two.

the ignition harness has 12 pins... Ch. 1-6 in and out.

I've read what i have avaliable, but i havnt found out what i hook these upto? Obviously the ECU, but what?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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