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I bought one of those "ebay" alternators, promising 200 amps...what a load of crap. I couldn't even turn on my lights while my car was starting up or my FJO wouldn't have enough voltage to turn make a long story short, it stopped working after 2000 miles, I can't get a refund since its a year old ( my motor blew 1000 miles after it was installed). I purchased a Denso 100 amp remanufactured alternator on ebay, made in Holland? I believe the is the original OEM equipment made for our car, not some ebay china crap. part number: 210-0292, someone can clarify this, I paid $195 shipped, and it seems to be working fine, hoping the denso quality holds true to its name. Just an FYI I also have 3 Defi Gauges, a 250/1 JL amp, two Bosch 044 pumps, Pioneer AVIC-Z1 head unit, a set of 100 watt driving lights, HID conversion kit w/nissan balast,
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